Centrally located, a Kona vacation rental puts you right at the heart of the paradisiacal Hawaiian Islands; the Big Island. Asked to describe a tropical paradise, most people would describe something very much like Kona- pristine white sand beaches, crystalline blue waters, tropical flowers the colors of jewels, filling the balmy air with exotic perfume. Once you’ve been in Kona, you will know to add to that description: the incredible lush green forests and dramatic cliffs of Pololu Valley. The Anaehoomalu Bay, where spectacular sunsets stream through a veil of hundreds of back lit palms and coconut trees. Or Magic Sands beach, where the trickster tide sweeps all the sand from the beach- and then returns it all as it was before. Explore these natural miracles in the water or on land, and rest assured you are surrounded by world-class resorts and dining, and never too far from a friendly Aloha. Come see why Hawaii’s Big Island is also its best island with a Kona vacation rental.

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