Colonial Williamsburg

It’s easy to see why Colonial Williamsburg vacation rentals are so popular among experienced travelers. Known as the “historic triangle,” Colonial Williamsburg Virginia attracts those who are looking for a combination of education and relaxation. The same type of visitor also seeks a unique environment to make her vacation a special experience.

What you’ll find at Colonial Williamsburg vacation rentals will surpass your expectations. When you have the option to choose from 1BR, 2BR, or 3BR condos, your trip can be exactly what you want it to be. The luxury of your own kitchen and living room provides space and flexibility that you just can’t get in a single room. Make lasting vacation memories right from your own condo rental.

Some of other must-see places in Colonial Williamsburg VA are:

  • Water Country USA
  • Busch Gardens, Virginia
  • Colonial Williamsburg

If you also want to check out nearby Jamestown and Yorktown (the other two points of the “historic triangle”), Colonial Williamsburg vacation rentals completely satisfy your needs. All age groups enjoy the local attractions because they offer so much variety. Busch Gardens and Water Country appeal to children, while adults can savor delicious local cuisine and learn about the significant events that have occurred in Colonial Williamsburg. There’s something new and different around each corner!

In addition to Colonial Williamsburg, great condo rentals are abundant throughout Virginia. If you’re looking for a vacation right along the east coast, in neighboring states you’ll find Kill Devil Hills and Ocean City. Head down south to Hilton Head Island to explore even more colonial culture.

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When you visit a historic town, normal lodging options seem a little boring. Why stay at an average hotel when Colonial Williamsburg vacation rentals provide the comfort of a top-notch resort and the privacy of your own condo. There’s nothing like peace of mind when you’re away from home, so settle in with one of these cozy properties that will put everyone in your travel party at ease.

Popular Resorts Include

Kings Creek Plantation offers guests a rustic charm that you won’t find anywhere else. The beautiful property has opportunities for outdoor recreation, whether you simply want to take a stroll, play basketball, or go swimming. A condo at Kings Creek makes it easy to find a fun activity during every minute of your vacation.

The Historic Powhatan Resort proves that you don’t have to fend for yourself when you stay in a condo rental. Resort-style accommodations are common even though you have an entire unit and not just a minimal hotel room.

Wyndham Kingsgate is an elegant property that embodies the spirit of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. During your visit you’re encouraged to learn about the town’s significance, but relaxation and an escape from the ordinary are also priorities. Watch the sunset from your balcony after a day of adventure.

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